It’s Complicated

Hey guys, I’m so so sorry that I haven’t blogged sooner. I was at my dads longer than expected and have only just got my laptop back.
I better update you on what’s happened.

I told Fallout Boy that I liked him and he said he liked me back but wasn’t ready to be with someone else. Then it was a bit awkward at school as expected. Then in P.E my friend was talking to She Devil and she said that her and Fallout Boy had never broken up but because me and him had gotten closer she wanted to break up with him. That night after school I told him I knew. At first he denied knowing anything then he told me the truth..

After I went home after the gig they talked it out and got back together but kept it quiet. He told me all of those things yet he was with her. He broke my trust and hurt me big time. Especially because I think that I might be falling in love with him. Now I can’t get past what has happened. I don’t want my life to revolve around this one big bad incident.


Yesterday me and a group of friends including Fallout Boy went out to hang out and have fun. We went round lots of shops and everything and had some hilarious conversations. Then when our group split into two so we could go into the shops that we wanted, my friend decided to talk to Fallout Boy and ask him that if I asked him out would he say yes. She said that he said yes, but he wants to wait a couple of weeks. This is because if he gets into a relationship with me then She Devil will start spreading stuff about me and will make both mine and Fallout Boys life a living misery. So.. He DOES want to go out with me!!!! She told me all of this when we met up again.

And over a very weird and wonderful conversation in a park he said that if I died he would miss me. And I’m thinking that it isn’t just because we’re friends and have a deal involving funerals. He does like me! HE likes ME! I mean, since when do my dreams come true?!

Maybe it’s true in saying that if you don’t try you’ll never succeed. I told him how I felt and now this awesome thing is happening! When we go back to school on Monday it will be interesting to see what happens.
Let me know if anything like this has happened to you or if you have any advice on what to do..
If you have any romance or boy trouble stories to tell, please do. In the comments or anywhere else. I’m ready to listen, it’s the least I could do because if you’re reading this now you obviously don’t hate what I have to say. So I will read what you have to say, and I will reply.

Maybe I was wrong before, maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And I’m starting to believe that maybe it’s okay to not have a plan in life all of the time. Maybe it’s okay to be surprised at what happens next, I mean that’s life right? I don’t need to rehearse my life and play it for everyone else. My life isn’t a show. I only get one, so I’m gonna make it count. And sometimes when the script is crap, you improvise and make things work for you. The same applies to everyone reading this and everyone who isn’t. You’re the star of your show so go and show them who the real you is and make them love you for you. If they don’t, well then they don’t deserve to know you. Don’t dwell on the past, look to the future. That’s where you’re headed.

Dreamer Girl xx