Sorry, Guys

I am going back to my dads later on and my mum needs my laptop for her work so I have to leave it. I come back on Tuesday, but until then I can’t blog! 😦 😦

So I guess it’s bye for now.

But before I do I just want to update you guys on what happened last night… There was a concert thing and it was amazing until there was relationship drama. Fallout Boy looked so upset, maybe more than I’ve ever seen him before because She Devil broke it off with him because of, and I quote, ‘There’s just too much stuff going on at home at the minute. But in the future I would love to date him..’. And I just lost it after going back home that night because she has messed with his head and my best friend one too many times.

So me and her argued on fb and I said I had had enough of her treating him like a pile of crap all the time and messing with his head every time she breaks it off with him.

So now I’m assuming Monday will be horrible,  but if sticking up for what I think is right then I’m willing to risk a friendship. And I know that this sounds horrible.. Sorry.

S0 let me know what you think, any advice would be great or just any positive comments.

Thanks guys. Talk as soon as possible! 🙂

Dreamer Girl xx


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