First Entry,

This is my first web/diary/blog kind of thing. I mean I have kind of written a journal but anyone can read that, I want to be anonymous so I can say what I really need to get out without anyone knowing it’s me.

My username – Dreamer Girl. I chose it because I feel that it suits who I am. So please, no judging. I am doing this to vent and make myself feel better. I didn’t come on here and start this to start a big argument or a debate, I came here to be me. So, please, let me.

So here goes my first post…

New Year, New Start?

Every new year I like to think of it as a new start. But this year has got to be one of the worst ones in life. A friend of mine who I’m going to call Fallout Boy is one of my closest guy friends and I kind of have a crush on him. Ever since I joined the school in February 2012 we have been friends. I met him in my first lesson, Art, and I got put next to him. At first I didn’t really like him but as time passed we grew very close and now we’re like best friends. Then the next year a girl who I’m going to call She Devil joined. At first I didn’t really interact with her, but then Fallout Boy became really close to her and then so did I. She’s rumored to have been a nasty person, but I know from experience never to listen to rumors. So I didn’t. A year passes then I get the news.. Fallout Boy and She Devil are thing..

Then everyone finds out and She Devil breaks it off, leaving Fallout Boy confused. Of course I am secretly quite happy about this, but angry as to why she has done this to him. And then a few weeks pass, they are at it again. She calls it off. Few weeks pass, together again. Break up. Now we’re almost up to date. They started at it again about two months ago and just yesterday, she called it off. Now by now you can imagine that it’s getting quite old. And obviously as time passes me and Fallout Boy have grown apart slightly. Now, I have kind of gotten closer to She Devil because of him but I don’t really like her. She has now come to me complaining that things don’t feel right in the relationship and something isn’t right. Then she gets me and a friend to call it off with him, but by then the whole school knows…

She’s messing him about and as much as I hate it, I am annoyed at him for not sticking up for himself. He says he loves her – but in my opinion love takes months to build up, but there you go – but relationships aren’t a game. And whats more, love isn’t there to play with peoples emotions. He is putting up with her and can’t see what she’s doing to him.

So now I’m not really talking to them both.

So does New Year really mean a New Start?? Because quite frankly, I don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Let me know what you think and if you have experienced something similar to this then let me see in the comments.

Dreamer Girl xx


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